[Real Estate] 12 Lead Magnet Ideas

If you are into the Real Estate niche and looking for some inspiration on how to skyrocket your business, here are some ideas that can help you!

Generic Homes List

A generic home list is usually the first thing to test with any campaign. It’s pretty much a bulletproof lead-magnet in this space.

Basically, you are promoting a list of homes in a specific area under a certain price point. A couple of key pointers here: use images of homes that are from the area you’re promoting, and ideally around the same price point.

For example, if you’re promoting “A List Of The Hottest Homes In Toronto Under $800k”, then I’d use images of homes in Toronto that are in that range.

If your client doesn’t have a specific price they want to go after, start with promoting a list of homes under the median home price in their area (use Zillow for this).

Foreclosures Homes List

Same as the list of the home, but now you’re promoting homes that are foreclosed, under market value, bank-owned etc.

The beauty of this campaign is that the leads that come through are usually not actually looking for a foreclosure specifically… They’re just looking for a great deal.

You can also take out the word “foreclosure” and turn it into a “List Of Hottest Homes In Toronto Under Market Value”.

Luxury Homes List

Same as the home’s list, but now it’s a list of luxury homes – so it’s basically just a generic list of homes at a much higher price point.

New Construction Homes List

If you want to push new construction homes, just put together a list of new construction homes.

Use project renders as the properties are most often in the pre-construction phase. But you can get creative with it: use a video walkthrough of what the property is going to look like once it’s built.

Listing Ad

If you have only one property to sell, set up a single listing ad and one the lead magnet include the price of the property, address and more photos/information of it.

Homebuyer Guide

This lead magnet is ideal for targeting first-time homebuyers.

You’re basically putting together a guide that covers the entire home-buying process. This can position yourself as an authority in their market and as the go-to person.

At the end of the guide make sure to include a short & simple call-to-action.

I hope this guide helped you! If you have any questions or would like some additional support with your home-buying process, feel free to reach out at [EMAIL/PHONE].

Homebuyer Checklist

Sometimes a “guide” can sound too “big” for people to take in. People’s attention spans are getting smaller and smaller and they want quick-hit wins, so what you can do is put together a short checklist.

For example, create a checklist on the “5 Things Every New Homebuyer Needs To Know Before Buying Their First Home”.

Seller Guide

Same as the homebuyer guide, create a guide for people wanting to sell their home. What do they need to be aware of? What does the process look like from start to finish? How do they get started?

Seller Checklist

Same psychology as behind the homebuyer checklist. You could create a checklist on the “5 Things You Can Do To Increase The Value Of Your Home By $12,000 In 6 Days”.

Home Evaluation

Offer a free home evaluation of their home if they want to sell it. This can be set up so they can an automatic evaluation of their home after they give you their information.

Home Value Report

This is basically the same thing as a home evaluation, but a bit more in detail. The way you’d pitch this lead magnet is that this isn’t just a generic “Home Evaluation” they can get online, but a custom in-depth “Home Market Report”.

This is something that you will actually need to put together yourself.

Because of that, it should only be done after contact is made between the lead and you

Gifts On Closing

You could offer some kind of gift that the lead gets when they buy a home with you. A free vacation, free shopping spree, whatever – you can get creative with this.

DISCLAIMER: This might be tricky law & regulations wise so ask around and research if the type of campaign you want to run complies with everything.

Free Stuff For Selling Their Home

If the lead decides to sell their home with you, offer something valuable to them such as a free staging or free cleaning of their home offer. You can get creative with this one as well.

DISCLAIMER: This might be tricky law & regulations wise so ask around and research if the type of campaign you want to run complies with everything.