Non-interactive events in Google Tag Manager

What is events in Google Analytics?

Interactive events affect some crucial metrics in Google Analytics. By creating Essentially we’re telling Google Analytics that something crucial is happing on the website. By default all Analytics events created in Tag Manager will be interactive. Which means they change session duration, bounce rate, page time

But what if we want to measure user engagement without changing other metrics? For example, we want to know how many people clicked some button or how they scrolled but keep our Bounce Rate consistent. Good news, we can make our events non-interactive.

Non-interactive events

Google Tag Manager has a very useful feature where you can set any event as a non-interactive one. The non-interactive option is a really useful feature for high-frequency tags, for example, website visibility tags or scrolling or any other tags where you don’t want to skew other metrics too much. Basically, we are telling google analytics that we do not want these events affect our metrics. This type of event will still be recorded in the events section and available for future analysis.

Bounce Rate measurement consistency

Since clicks and any other interactions lower the bounce rate we have to be careful with our website tagging or keep in mind that new tags will skew our bounce rate. When we develop a measurement plan we need to plan all these changes. If we have a big website I would suggest to keep the Bounce Rate consistent so we can measure overall website engagement over time.